#notw – OMG!

This is only my personal speculation you understand (in case any lawyers are reading;), but the B-sky-B deal must be worth billions if Murdoch is willing to shut down the News of The World, a paper estimated to be worth over £800 million, just like that!



Or is it that simple?


On the one hand the paper was loosing advertisers hand over fist – brands wanting to separate themselves from negative exposure – so it may have only been a matter of time before it had to close down anyway. There was also the danger of the fallout infecting the other titles within the group, so maybe this was a prudent business decision.


It was interesting however, that Murdoch retained Rebekah Brooks, which begs the question, will there be a re-brand or even a new newspaper? I’d put money on it – not much, but still, I would! It will certainly be interesting to see what develops. Even Cameron stated he would have accepted Mrs Brooks resignation – although to be honest, I think we can all agree this may have been a case of ‘tell them what they want to hear’ than possibly a real ‘honest’ view point by the PM.



From a PR point of view however, Murdoch’s decision to close the NOTW could prove equally infectious, with campaigns already being launched on behalf of the NOTW staff – you have my support by the way.


Yes, Murdoch has made a statement declaring the news group’s willingness and openness to support a Police investigation, but shouldn’t they of made a clearer – bigger, more public splash a lot sooner and kept the momentum going? Yep, I understand they needed to appreciate the full extent of the problem before firing all guns, but still, from my point of view they could have done a whole lot more than they have – a proactive stakeholder engagement programme stitched together with a strong media relations strategy – even a creative internal communications programme would have been a prudent move – particularly in light of what has happen. For a news corporation they have handled their own news appallingly!


All those jobs; a168 years of history, gone – destroyed just like that!


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