A killer question, or two!

Ever been in that situation, you know the one – you’re with a client and you have either identified that they should be using social media, or, your client asks you: “should we be using social media?”


Well, I was in that situation recently and this is the question I asked my new client:


“How many of your customers use social media?”


This question was quickly followed by:


“How many of your potential customers use social media?”


Of course, my client couldn’t answer these questions without estimating, so my follow-up statement was even more direct:


“To be honest, the question isn’t if your audience use social media – that’s a given! The question should be, why don’t you?”


And with that a social media strategy was implemented to support the other processes being put in place: traditional and digital media relations, brand management and a crisis and issues programme.


I know, they sound like a prudent – ‘great’ – client, and they are!

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