Is a power shift happening?

For years now the larger agencies have had a big part on the creative stage – with the smaller agencies taking a back seat. But is there a power shift happening in favour of the smaller agency?


If you look back just two years ago, particularly in Leeds, you would see a number of established agencies (pr /advertising / marketing / SEO / design, etc) winning all the business, with the smaller agencies feeding off the scraps.


Two years on however, some of those larger agencies have either gone very quiet, reduced resource levels or even closed completely.


My own circumstances are testament to this, after I was made redundant from a well-established Leeds-based agency, which, even today is still experiencing hardship – I do hope things improve soon guys!


For me however, things are looking up – after spending a little time floating about – here, there and everywhere – I now have a real opportunity to get more businesses to …talktojason ;)


The goal posts in terms of delivery are also changing, with other small to medium-sized creative agencies popping up and changing the way services are delivered in terms of real client ROI and ideas innovation. Two prime examples of these are Harrogate-based creative agency, The Aspect Group, and Leeds-based creative agency, Kanjo – although both operate in different markets, both are incredibly innovative and results-driven – offering a real ROI for their clients.


The way both these agencies, and indeed …talktojason (ttj) operate is completely different to how a lot of the larger firms do, or did! Which could explain why some of the larger agencies have been suffering, while the smaller agencies have been blossoming!


Take …talktojason (ttj), I (the agency;) offer a results-focused approach that guarantees to deliver the objectives agreed with the client. It’s a simple approach built on an honest, clear and creative platform. No matter which public relations service my clients require: social media, media relations, crisis and issues – brand architecture, internal communications – it doesn’t matter – I know I have to deliver to remain competitive.


Personally, I don’t think we have seen the big changes yet – I think tough times are still ahead. At the same time though I think fun times are waiting for a lot of the smaller agencies. It’s certainly a case of watch this space – I know I’ve got my fingers and even my legs crossed for …talktojason (ttj).

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