The overwhelming power to annoy – I’m not talking about one of my superpowers, but more to do with a particular company’s lack of…well, I’m not sure how to describe it: Lack of professionalism, Lack of manners, Lack of common sense, or very bad customer service – or all four?

I should explain, otherwise you will think I’m one of those odd balls who just moans about nothing in an effort to fill up space on their blog, which to be honest, is partly true ;)

Right, concentrate and get to the point. Oh, before I do, I would like to point out that I’m not going to name names – it’s not too serious so I think it would just give unnecessary negative exposure. Sorry!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post:

My car is due an MOT, so I thought why not kill two birds with one stone and book my car in for a service at the same time – will cost me more, but hey, the car is the kids taxi, so best make sure all is good.

I rang ‘the garage’ in question but couldn’t get an answer so I went online and booked it in on their website. This is want should have happened: I book it in and the nearest gauge gives me a call to confirm the booking and arrange a date and time. They didn’t!

I rang the garage again and this time my call was answered and I asked if I could book my car in. The person said: “yeah, no problem – when?” I stated the date and time and the person again said: “yeah, no problem.” “Great” I said, and started to give him the details of my car – its make and model, etc…

At this point the gentleman said: “Oh, I’d better check with my boss because he knows about cars and stuff.” No, I promise you, that is what he said – honest!

The gentleman said his boss was out for lunch but he would call me upon his return to discuss my car and stuff – again, I kid you not!

Well, so far it’s been over three hours and no one has called me back!

Starting to think my car is rubbish and even mechanics are too ashamed to be seen working on it!

So, after three communication attempts i’m still no nearer to finding out if ‘the garage’ wants my business. Wouldn’t mind, but picking up the phone and speaking to someone is the purest form of communication. Hey, maybe I should issue a media statement asking them to book my car in – maybe they will respond!

Hey, this reminds of when an agency, any agency – not just mine (like saying that:) – pitches for business, you invest time – not to mention the cost to research a pitch, formulate the contents – spend time practicing, which is very important, after all, you want to get it right – travelling to the pitch, while taking time away from current business in the hope of winning the said pitch, only to never – ever – hear from them again. Can I just add that this has only happen to my agency once, and all the other (many) pitches we have been on have all been successful ;)

Anyway, once again, I’ve differed from my original point – sorry, I’ve a habit of doing that because I write as I think, which would explain all the grammatical errors I failed to spot when I failed to proof this blog post – I know, poor show!

Thanks for reading and wish me luck!

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