Is your glass half empty or half full?

Stupid question, especially in this ‘current’ economic state of uncertainty – then again, I suppose it depends on you and your business.

From my point of view the glass is half full, both in terms of current business and future possibilities.

The idea to launch my own agency: …talktojason wasn’t a decision born out of an overwhelming desire to become the next big thing, but more to do with circumstance. Redundancy can be both inspirational and motivational!

…talktojason – the pr agency, was launched in 2011, so it’s still very much in its infancy, but, already the agency is showing signs of maturity and growth, which I put down to creativity and pure focused determination to do what I love for those who are confident enough to put their faith in …talktojason.

The agency’s growth however, is not all down to judgment or strategy, a lot is due to luck – most definitely luck, and also thanks to our valued clients and hopefully those businesses we are in talks with.

In part, our performance is down to the way in which …talktojason delivers its services; we never over promise, instead we operate a very clear, concise and performance-led policy, which no one else is currently offering, so that gives us the edge a little. Also, the fact that we ‘love’ – some would say are obsessed with all things pr – helps! Doesn’t matter which part: media relations, social media, brand architecture – we just love it!

So do I think my glass is half full? Yep. I mean you can never predict the future, but I do believe you need to be positive  in order to stand any chance at all of riding the current economic tsunami. Keeping your fingers, arms and legs crossed also helps!


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