But then I thought: ‘why?’

Was going to blog some hints and tips about using social media; I was also going to blog about how to us PR techniques to support different business challenges.

But then I thought: ‘why?’

I don’t wish to sound egotistic or arrogant, but …talktojason – the pr agency isn’t a charity, nor a not-for-profit organisation commissioned by the Government to support businesses. No, …talktojason is a new commercial enterprise looking to sell its specialist public relations services – not give them away.

This got us to thinking: ‘why do other firms do this? Are we missing a trick – is this called pimping your talent to attract potential clients?

To be honest most firms know basic PR tips; most also know how to use social media and how to incorporate it into their daily business activity – the reason they commission PR agencies to support their business offering is for two key reasons: ‘Creative resource’ and ‘skill base’.

This then led us to another view: those who blog hints and tips to businesses, are they just showing off? No, couldn’t be that, so they must generally want to help by sharing their knowledge and ability – fair enough.

If this is the case then it’s only fair that we do the same, but in a more commercially minded (results focused) way, which helps the reader and …talktojason. So, here we go, here is our piece of wisdom to help businesses understand how powerful public relations can be:

“If you want to grow your organisation, protect its brand identity – communicate its brand values then you should commission a public relations agency which delivers creativity and accountability.

“These types of agencies will bring solutions built on ‘practical creativity’ designed to support your business.”

There, not only a great tip, but also a great hint as to why your business should …talktojason – the pr agency.

Oh and here are some other useful tips to remember:

1, You don’t always need a Facebook account

2, Social media doesn’t always mean using Facebook or Twitter, or even LinkedIn

3, Traditional PR activity, like digital PR is also a great SEO tool

4, Your message plus your objective equals the appropriate communications channel – not the other way around.

5, ‘PR’ doesn’t stand for ‘press release’

6, Great journalists don’t always make great PR people!

7, Great PR people don’t always make great journalists!

8, Traditional PR and digital PR – including social media platforms all get on (people didn’t stop listening to the radio when they got a telly!)

9, Honesty, openness and clear understanding from the beginning is always the best policy

10, If you’re looking for creative public relations across traditional, digital and social media channels …talktojason – the pr agency

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