2011 – what a year!

Don’t know about you, but 2011 for me has been a series of ups, downs, sideway steps followed by finally reaching for the moon. The problem now however, is the higher i climb the success ladder the further I have to fall *gulp*

Up until April 2011 I had a pretty good gig working for a small PR agency, but of course like most good things, this came to an end. It was on occasion a frustrating period in my career, but ultimately, I met some nice people – even learnt a little bit, too.

Following this, (May) I decided daytime TV wasn’t for me and after a little contemplation decided I would go it alone. So after a lot of luck, and the confidence shown by a new client I launched: …talktojason – the pr agency.

The agency’s client portfolio has gone from one to four in only six months and already there is additional client business agreed to start in February – fingers crossed.

The success of …talktojason – the pr agency is down to three core values: Creativity. Passion. Accountability.

The first (creativity), the value to deliver creative PR solutions to meet client objectives; the second (passion), is to achieve my dream of building a public relations agency and make it work – several attempts later;) and thirdly (accountability), to build a reputation of meeting client objectives and delivering some really brilliant campaigns that add value and support the agency’s client base.

Of course I’m not boasting – you can never tell what the future holds and a lot of luck and the confidence of some brilliant people have also played a major part. But I’m hoping it will allow …talktojason to grow and become one of the UK’s biggest PR firms – of course that could be just a dream, but if you don’t try you will never succeed.

I do hope though that 2012 proves to be even better than 2011 – God knows UK businesses could all do with a break after the past couple years!

So 2011 for me has been incredibly stressful and challenging, but it has also been rewarding. Redundancy plus four children…and four cats can be both motivational and inspirational! Who knows, 2012 could either prove even better, or worse – lets hope the former:)

So here’s to 2012 – please be kind.

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