So, it’s 2012 already – bring it on…gulp!

Didn’t 2011 go really fast! One minute we were launching …talktojason and the next minute it’s 2012. 

Only seems like yesterday I was working out the agency’s strategy – hoping to get through the rest of 2011, and now I’m sat here (at my desk) on 6 January trying to distract myself from work while eating lunch – which in itself can be a challenge. 

So how has the start of 2012 been for you? Did you get back into work easily and with enthusiasm, or did it take a little time to get back into the swing of things?

From my perspective it’s been a little hard getting stuck back in to work after having a some time off – although, saying that, I don’t think people really switch off from work anymore – I know I don’t; always checking my emails and tweets, or thinking about new campaign ideas and looking at various solutions for new business initiatives. 

I know, or I should say I hope 2012 will be a good year for business – God knows UK businesses could do with a rest bite after 2011. I personally think 2012 could be as tough or maybe, possibly a little easier than 2011 – think positive!

To support …talktojason in 2012 we will seek to continue expanding with new client wins (again, thinking positive); look to widen our service offering to include new vertical services. We will also look to build on our overall service delivery.

As with other industry sectors, we need to continue thinking more creatively in the way we develop our business and deliver our services. Of course it helps that …talktojason is built on three core values: creativity, passion and accountability.

We also need to develop our existing partnerships in order to seek out and attract larger account opportunities. 

As with all UK industry sectors, the creative industry is facing a tough challenge ahead. We must all learn to adapt, be more flexible and proactive in our day-to-day processes. You only have to look at the larger brands, which until only a couple of years ago were dominating the high street, but are now, or have already fallen because of complacency and a failure to change the way in which they engage with the consumer. Yes I know, nothing is that black and white – there are grey areas too!

One point that needs making is that the philosophy of business-to-business communications and marketing has changed. Everyone is a consumer now and should therefore be treated as such. The obligation for the business-to-business community to understand, accept and implement a process of change to meet their obligation to their stakeholders, which also includes their customers (brand influencers) has never been greater. 

Like any good communications practitioner will tell you the hardest part of this process is not introducing new ways of thinking to accommodate this need for change, but it’s getting some business leaders to accept that they have no choice – if they don’t change then they risk becoming another casualty of the forever changing consumer world – a world in which the consumer is king and we are merely the court jesters looking to grab their attention in order to show them what we’ve got and why they should continuing buying into our offering and those of our clients.

There is one thing for sure 2012 is going to be as interesting as it will be challenging, but hey, bring it on ;) 


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