Twitter, love it or hate it…it’s here. dot, dot, dot *smiley face*

Whether you love Twitter or not the fact is it’s here to stay, at least for a long while. I personally love it!

It’s great for personal reasons and for corporate reasons, you can even create an @onlinesizzle with it ;)

Even though I love it, I have to confess it can, on occasion take over my life. Like what? I read you tweet:)

Well, last Saturday at 9:10 – precisely – I was standing at the bottom of a mountain near the wonderful Hawkshead Village in the Lake District. I was preparing to wear in my new supadupa mountain boots – yep, I’m a geek that way.

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Anyway, before setting off I tweeted a couple of ‘witty’ posts on behalf of two clients – now remember this was at 9:10. By the time I had reached the top over two hours later (I’d stopped along the way to take some pictures to use in some tweets and a blog piece I was planning once I’d got back down) I found that the tweets for one particular client were being refused. After a slight panic I decided to check my emails and found Twitter had been in touch. Their email had stated that their ‘automated spam software’ had identified some unusual activity on the account and believed the account had been hacked.  ARGH!!!!!!

My response was swift (powered by fear) and even though I was presented with some amazing vistas, I found myself typing an email to Twitter Tech explaining the account hadn’t been hacked so please, please…pleaseeeeeeeeeeee unsuspended the account. Unfortunately, this was Sunday morning so I’d have to wait until Monday afternoon to get any response *wiping tears from my eyes *

It turns out after further investigation that the activity that had made Twitter panic was over 2000 RTs and well over 2000 mentions within a very short period of time and for safety reasons they had suspended the account. I have to confess this is a really good idea as it helps protect other Twitter accounts. Anyway, in a strange spin it kind of proved just how successful the campaign was going so I did take some comfort in that.

My real point though is that even faced by amazing panoramic views of Coniston Lake and surrounding villages and mountains I still found myself consumed by Twitter – can’t even remember getting down because i was running down the mountain so fast and thinking aloud: oh, Jesus…bloody hell..!

But then I suppose it helps to love what you do :)

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