Tweets, what they really mean ;)

We all know that most people, me excluded of course, can on occasion use Twitter to tweet the occasional lie – come on, admit it ;)

So to honour those of you (again, me excluded:) I have listed a few tweets to give you an idea – the true meaning behind those tweets!

Tweet translations (reading between the tweets): the truth behind the tweet!

Tweet: Too busy today!

Trans: Got nothing to do :(

Tweet: Meetings after meetings today.

Trans: God I’m so bored. Someone please talk to me

Tweet: Business is booming, anyone know a good project manager?

Trans: I need a friend

Tweet: Due to recent new business wins we’re looking for a creative director

Trans: The project manager didn’t understand us :(

Tweet: Want to know how social media can support your business?

Trans: No one else will listen to what i have to say

Tweet: Wanna know how to improve your follower numbers?

Trans: I know a tweet that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves…get on your nerves :(

Tweet: Sometimes I wish there was two of me I’m that busy

Trans: I’m so lonely  :(

Tweet: Stuck in a team meeting wishing I was somewhere else

Trans: Teacher training day so kids are at home today :(

Tweet: As a social media guru I can boost your business communications

Trans: My ego needs feeding, please love me

Tweet: Want to know how you can make money on Twitter?

Trans: I think you’re gullible – please buy my book

Tweet: Tweets, what they really mean

Trans: Run out of work to do and needed an idea for a blog ;)

Got any you want to add?

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