Welsh Wales

Different people charge their creative thought process in different ways. Some go to the gym, others take a walk while others sit outside a café watching the world go by until an idea pops into their head. I’ve tried all three.

For me, creative brilliance comes in different ways. Sometimes I get inspiration while climbing up a mountain – try it, it’s fun. Other times I get ideas from sitting in the garden watching clouds go by or watching the kids running around destroying the plants and the peace and quiet – ask our neighbours, they’ll tell you.

This summer holiday though I got some great ideas for client campaigns while sitting on a beach in Wales, or as my two youngest children like to call it: ‘Welsh Wales’. I even got some inspiration while watching ‘the best’ bacon cooking away on the BBQ – I was chef ;)

I think we can all agree that the weather this year has been terrible, so you may think going camping would be a foolish gamble – especially dragging four children along for the ride only to be stuck inside a family tent for the duration of the holiday. But the Weather God favoured us and the sun managed to stay out during the day. In fact, after a lot of silent prayers on the way to the campsite the sun seemed to actually follow us around making our holiday a very sunny experience. Thank you Weather God!

We ended up going to Cae Clyd, a wonderful campsite near Caernarvon. The campsite sits in a field less than 2 minutes from a lovely quiet beach so when all is quiet you get to listen to the waves hitting the shore.

While sitting outside the tent performing my duties as the BBQ king my creative thought process started to kick in – ideas were plentiful. Although I must say at this stage after putting pen to paper most of the ideas turned out to be less than brilliant. But one or two upon further examination had great merit and would in fact work incredibly well.

So, now that we are back from Welsh Wales and the summer holidays are almost over I’m back at my desk stitching those ideas onto the back of some client campaigns I’ve been commissioned to develop further.  One actually involves going back to a thought I had about getting vegetarians to eat the best bacon, but that could just be a campaign tag line. Watch this space ;)

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  1. Peter says:

    I was at Cae Clyd campsite over the August bank holiday weekend, the weather turned foul on the Monday and our tent collapsed, ended up going home two days early and got stuck in bank holiday traffic, took 8 hours to get back to Blackpool. Still we enjoyed Snowdonia.

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