Don’t you just love it when a ‘media relations’ plan comes together?

After reassuring a client (brand communications agency) that my media relations approach would work very well for their client, not only to create a big bang affect, but to also maintain media longevity, the whole campaign did, as promised, come together like a well-rehearsed orchestra!

In this case my client is a North Yorkshire-based brand communications agency, and their client is one of the most respected and well-established family law firms with six offices and over 200 staff across West Yorkshire.

The brief:

Generate regional and local media coverage to promote a recent merger

The objective:

Create awareness using regional and local media channels to promote the benefits of the merger to the law firm’s current clients and potential client groups living and working within company’s geographical reach

The plan: Create interview opportunities between key partners and key editorial channels and, generate media statements to increase media coverage

The channels: Traditional media with online references

Got a campaign you want to achieve the ‘big bag’ effect for?

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