How big :)

Yep, this weekend I decided to once again forget about the hassles of the week by climbing another mountain. This time though I took emergency provisions (in the form of a couple of bottles of M&S finest ales ;) just in case I had the good fortune of being stranded.

Yep, once I got to the top I decided to find a comfortable spot, sit down and watch the clouds go by with a bottle of ale, or two, in hand – complete perfection!

I also, as normal, took my trusted little black book, which allows me to note down any (good or bad) campaign ideas I may have. And thankfully I did because there were a few ideas that came popping into my head as I sat there looking out across the Coniston Fells – the weather was clear so you could see a good 10 – 20 miles in any direction.

I also started to over hear a debate between a group of climbers who had just finished getting to the top of Dow Crag. They were chatting about a brand of car that one had recently purchased and how it was doing wonders for his social life. This got me thinking about the real power of brand perception and how different people perceive brand values. Of course we all know there are different factors to be considered, such as environmental and social economic influences. But all in all it is still very interesting how one person can make or break a brand. In this case it was the guy boasting to his friends how his investment in a certain brand of car has helped him achieve certain social rewards – that’s the PR version by the way.

This got me thinking that this form of communication is social branding in its purest sense – the ability to communicate certain brand messages in such a way that people, although just spending a few hours climbing up a mountain still had the energy and will power to discuss why they loved a certain brand of car. Have to say at this point I thought the guy’s points were impressive, I can imagine if he went fishing his tails would be something like: “I caught a fish and it was this big…”

But still, his friends (his audience) were listening and soaking up everything he had to say – you could say he had become a brand ambassador.

This got me to thinking about the endless creative ways you can engage with your audience in order to create a loyal following of brand ambassadors. It’s not difficult; you just need a clear focus, a clear understanding and a clear approach. Of course it helps if your client has a nice sized budget in which to employ additional channels to help the process along.

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  1. martineaupr says:

    Client testimonials are one of the best ways to secure a brand identity. It’s always interesting to compare the stories you overhear with the goals of the actual companies. This car company seems to have done something right in their communications!

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