The mobile browser fight Facebook has to win

Recently I read an interesting article about Facebook. The piece asked the question: ‘Can Facebook win the mobile war?’

Statistics shows 45% of Americans use Facebook and over one billion users around the world use Facebook, making it the world’s most popular social media channel – for now.

My personal view of Facebook is it has become a social paradox. It calls itself the leading social networking platform, but as most users will state, Facebook has, and continues to be less social every day – it’s less flexible than other social networks and it makes it very clear its core objective is to make money.  Yes, of course if has to make money – but it should be doing it in a social way!

The fact is, out of all the social media platforms that are currently available, Facebook is my least favourite – it can’t really be trusted to maintain users privacy, nor is it very social. And as a user of social media platforms for both private and commercial reasons I can confirm there are better social networks channels out there. Of course, Facebook uses its huge reach to maintain its dominance, but this will become less and less – in my view. Facebook may even support my claim, which is why it went on the acquisition trail and acquired Instagram – one of the world fastest growing social media channels that is gaining momentum every day. Unfortunately, some of Facebook’s annoyances are already starting to show.

Smart phone technology and its availability to the masses means everyone can have access to mobile internet, which is why, if Facebook wants to maintain its dominance then it needs to win the race for mobile supremacy. And here’s four key reasons why:

In Q2 of 2012 over 153 million smart phones were sold worldwide. Over 27 million of these were sold in Western Europe during the same period

The end of 2012 predicts smartphone sales are estimated to reach 686 million, with smartphone sales reaching 980 million by 2015

Mobile usage will overtake fixed internet access by 2014

In 2011, mobile browser use across some parts of Europe reached over 32% with figures exceeding 40% in the UK

What ever your view about Facebook, or social media as a whole, you have to admit that times are changing – for the better, and communicators, social media followers and smartphone users are all going to truly benefit no matter who wins.

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