Is your brand or your client’s brand going to sink or swim?

The past few years have been tough and several well-known brands have already disappeared from the high street. And, just like 2010, 2011 and 2012, 2013 promises to be equally challenging for a lot of businesses who will have to navigate low consumer confidence mixed with an increase in the cost of living.

So, is it time to plod on and hope for the best, or is it time to look at your brand proposition and make it storm proof, or at the very least, water proof?

Before you put your hand in your pocket and start investing in sales activities, as brand managers and business owners you need to understand what your customers want and need and, what gets their attention and their interest. If not, then feel free to print off the sign below and use it when the time comes!

another closing down sale talktojason leeds agency pr brand communications

If you don’t fancy using the above sign then here are some basic tips to help you:

Understand your market place by gaining a good Insight. What are your customers’ aspirations, their concerns, and their true social and economic considerations?

Make sure your brand proposition reflects the findings of the insight. There’s no point pricing yourself out of the market or just reacting to competitor pressures.

Design your brand messages based on the outcome of the insight. This way your messages will grab your audiences’ attention and equally important, maintain their interest.

Your audience and the agreed messages dictate the communication channels that need to be used. Should you use online or offline channels, or a mix of both, and if so, which ones will deliver the best ROI?

Make sure you evaluate your progress and consider any necessary changes that may be needed on a regular basis.

Remember, if you really listen to the market place you can talk, or at least learn to talk its language.

If your brand is looking for creative communications across traditional, digital and social media channels …talktojason

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