Why social relations in 2013 will make your business smile

I bet you’ve heard all sorts of weird and wonderful things about social media. How it is great for this and fantastic for that. Well when if comes to 2013 it’s all true!

Instead of me writing why I think social relations is key to your business, in terms of marketing and sales, I thought I would provide you with some interesting facts and figures to help you make up your mind.

  • Over 60% of companies who used social media reported an increase in marketing effectiveness
  • More than 85% of consumer facing brands who blog generated more leads per month than those who didn’t
  • Companies that blog attract over 55% more website visitors

But it’s not just social relations that benefit your business. Companies with indexed web pages get over 200% more leads than websites who don’t have indexed pages.

And here’s an interesting fact; nine out of 10 mobile searches lead to action, with around 50% leading to purchases!

toothlessman Leeds public relations agencyOh, and of the 6.8 billion people who live on the planet, over four billion of us use mobile phones. To put this into perspective, only three billion people on the planet use toothbrushes!

So, are you convinced that social relations is key to your 2013 marketing and sales plans? …talktojason if you or your client would like to know how you can use social relations within your current marketing and sales strategies, or how to launch an effective social media strategy.

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