New look for …talktojason

Following a series of campaign commissions during the latter part of 2012, from both agency clients and directly from brand owners, …talktojason has created a new look and service offering to promote the services available to both creative agencies looking to support their clients’ campaign needs, and, services commissioned directly by brand owners looking to further develop their current brand propositions or create new brand identities.

New services include: BrandTalk, BrandInsight and BrandX.

BrandTalk helps implement communication programmes, using a mix of traditional, digital and social media platforms.

BrandSighted enables clients (both agencies and brand owners) to see what their audiences actually see, as well as understanding what their brand reach really is.

BrandX generates campaign ideas for new brands propositions and, to reinvigorate current brand offerings. This service is often delivered in unison with BrandTalk and BrandInsight.

“Advertising, public relations and marketing are services used to build, protect and communicate brands. …talktojason works as a support mechanism, either as an extra resource to agencies who are wanting to deliver services to their clients’ campaigns, or directly to brand owners who want additional help and advice.” Stated Jason Kelly

Would you like to know more about these services and how …talktojason can work with you, then get in contact: @talktojason / / 07588 749409

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