Take advantage of the #uksnow

Recognise these: ‘#uksnow’ #ukweather’? If yes, then you will know that both of these are hash tag terms that have been trending on Twitter recently. This is good for two reasons.

The first reason is that when the weather is bad more people [consumers] spend time doing their shopping online. And secondary, when you wish to engage with more consumers on Twitter, use the hash tags that are trending to interactive with more customers.

Of course the second reason should also be a standard rule-of-thumb when it comes to engaging with consumers online. Current [trending] terms are easily found on a daily basis so can be used all the time.

Like promotional offers, the messages you are communicating through open media platforms and forums need to be current and relevant at the time, and the great thing about using ‘trending’ topics is that they will help you extend your brand’s overall audience reach.

Another point to consider when using hash tags is to see these tags as Twitter’s version of Google’s keywords. When consumers are searching on Google for goods they use certain keywords, like ‘bedroom’ ‘carpet’ or ‘dining room’ and ‘flooring’. Twitter hash tags work in the same way: ‘#bedroom’ ‘#carpet’, ‘#bedroomcarpet’, ‘#dinningroom’, ‘#flooring’ and ‘#dinningroomflooring’. Both journalists and consumers alike use hash tags that are relevant to their search and Twitter searches have become almost as important as Google searches.

So remember, snow is good, but when it comes to Twitter, #uksnow is better.

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