Ian proves it’s good to talktojason

 Brand relations, public relations and social relations consultancy, …talktojason, hunts down Ian Hastings as its new hunter-gatherer.


Ian brings many years business development experience across the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors, working with established brands, such as office space services provider, Regus.

“Working within a consultancy role for …talktojason promises to be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

“…talktojason is an ideas agency and following recent campaign work is incredibly creative, mixing online knowhow with offline ingenuity. I’m looking forward to an inspiring and very enjoyable journey.” Said Ian

“I met Ian a few years ago and his personality, drive and ambition will compliment client needs perfectly. His down-to-earth approach, coupled with his can-do attitude will certainly help …talktojason develop further.

”Business is tough at the moment and an obvious way to survive is to connect with those who have the same beliefs as you and, the same ambition to deliver on promises made.” Stated Jason

Ian’s primary objective is to seek out like-minded clients that fit the  …talktojason profile, “It’s important to work for clients you know you can meet their expectations. There’s no point in making false promises – that’s just short-sighted.” Added Ian

…talktojason works across the business-to-business, business-to-consumer and third-sector, working for clients from the retail and leisure industries, professional services organisations and charity clients, including soon-to-be launched Nottingham-based charity: MDA [Mens’ Depression Alliance]. An organisation that aims to help men across the UK suffering with depression by offering advice and support to suffers and their friends and family.

…talktojason clients include other creative agencies looking for additional campaign support and ideas generation, and brand owners looking for external resource to help launch, develop or protect brand propositions.

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