Join the Creative revolution

This is a declaration by an independent party on behalf of every freethinking brand owner across our magnificent land.

The revolution stands for hope and ingenious thinking – the creative branding way. The revolution is built on the inspired belief that every brand owner should benefit from practical and productive results for all. This is the right of every free consumer.

It is because of this belief that ‘…talktojason’ stands here today – and hopefully the day after – to declare the people’s true support for your brand. Through a collective push we can (we will) – deliver your brand to the people – your people.

The revolution has three core declarations:

BrandX – Creativity used to create, develop and manage a brand proposition. And we’re not just talking a good-looking logo.

BrandTalk – Creating, developing and managing a brands communications platforms across traditional, digital and social media channels.

Brandsighted – Creating an understanding for how your brand is received.

If you could do with a brand revolution then …talktojason

…talktojason is a freelance brand relations, public relations and social media relations consultancy offered by Jason Kelly.

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