Why clients #talktojason ;)

It’s what my valued clients say that matters.

why clients talktojason

Here are a few statements from some great clients. Please note, that at no time did money change hands – honest ;)

“Jason has a genuine passion for the work that he does, very good at thinking on his feet.” Mike Ashton

“Jason was an extremely creative and proactive colleague during the time he worked with me at TDMG/JDA. Since he left he’s continued in the same vein and is constantly coming up with a range of novel ideas.” Martin Smith

“Absolutely one of the most brilliant marketers one can work with, extremely passionate about the brand, creatively formulates both a strong and distinct marketing and communications strategy. When it comes to his peers, Jason is one of the most pleasant, respectful and rational people I have ever worked with.” Alex Michael

“Jason’s an incredibly passionate and tenacious guy who loves to go that extra mile to bring something exciting and fresh to the party… very creative but equally focussed on the detail. It is a pleasure working with such a top bloke.” Adrian Mullen

“Jason’s approach to offline and online public relations programmes takes traditional briefs to a whole new creative level. He is able to see and come up with unique approaches to every brief given to him, making his campaigns both inspired and practical. H’s experience of working with both new and established brands is certainly reflected in his approach and his delivery. We use Jason for his traditional, digital and social media skills, which supports our clients’ campaigns extremely well.” Chris Barker

“We were introduced to Jason after doing some branding at a trade show for one of our Valued Resellers the year before. We set him a simple task to make us stand out from all the other companies taking part at the next trade fair and he didn’t disappoint. Jason’s creativity and enthusiasm is certainly catching and he didn’t let us down at all. He knows his trade extremely well!” Melanie Holmes

“When it comes to thinking different Jason is inspiring. His ideas are always supported by very strong practical reasoning.” Julie Lloyd

“We asked him to deliver a campaign for us and he did – with complete focus and great results.” Phil Stephenson 

So there you go; a few reasons why you should ‘talktojason’ about your next campaign

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