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pro-tect product

Following a period of market research and user consultation, West Yorkshire-based technology company, Pro-tect, has produced an alarm system that enables homeowners to install they own fully monitored home safety and security system.

This clever piece of kit is wireless and works in the same way as a plug-and-play system, which means there is no wiring required and only takes minutes to set up.

The system comes with sensors and plugs directly into an existing phone line. Once installed, the technology then monitors for smoke and carbon monoxide; the system is even a comprehensive burglar alarm.

When activated, the system automatically calls a remote monitoring station, which opens up the very latest in two-way voice monitoring. Unlike conventional domestic monitored alarms it doesn’t send you a text message, but instead calls you, or a key holder in the event of activation. The monitoring staff will even call the emergency services should the situation require their attention. 

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