Newly launched men’s depression charity, Muted …talktojason

Nottingham-based charity, Muted, is working with brand relations, public relations and social relations consultant, Jason Kelly (…talktojason) to help raise national awareness for depression almost men and for the services it offers to suffers and their loved ones.


Muted (Men Understanding Treating and Experiencing Depression) was set up two years ago by its founder and CEO, Ian Hastings, and has established an excellent reputation within Nottingham, which the registered charity now wants to replicate across the whole of the UK.


“As a growing organisation we want to mirror the same level of success we have established in Nottingham on a national level and we believe Jason can help us achieve this goal.” Stated Ian.


The facts surrounding depression in the UK are alarming, with one in four people experiencing some kind of mental health problem, with anxiety and depression being the most common mental disorder in the UK.


Recent studies also highlight that women in the UK are more likely to have been treated for a mental health problem than men, with men being three times more likely to commit suicide.


Jason will be working with the charity to help it develop its brand proposition, establish a strong national public relations framework incorporating digital and traditional communication programmes, including an ongoing social relations strategy. Jason will also work with the organisation to develop and manage PageRank through the adoption of a new SEO strategy.


If you, or someone you know is suffering from depression and would like further information on the condition, or would like to speak to someone who can help, visit or email