A broken iPhone, a broken car and it’s almost the summer holidays – *gulp*

They say things happen in threes; first my iPhone broke (for the third time), then my car (the taxi) broke and soon the kids will be at home for six weeks.


The broken phone I can handle, to a point, and the car, well that’s my fault for using it as a transit van on the weekends, but when it comes to trying to work around four very loud – and at times very mischievous kids – it’s time to panic and possibly declare: “all is lost!”

Or, seek sanctuary at an office-let facility.

Sounds a bit – or a lot – extreme doesn’t it. But I have four children and at any one time at least two of them have a real talent for being excessively loud (to put it politely) when I’m just about to answer a phone call or come up with an idea that needs complete focus and concentration to produce a workable plan.

In fact I’m sure each time my iPhone broke it had something to do with the kids.

I could go work in the club house or even the shed, but I’m sure the kids will find me – knowing them they will probably lock me in! I could even sit in the car, but I’m sure the neighbours will find that a little strange – even for me.

So what should I do? Pay to fix my iPhone and car, or use the money to rent office space – albeit cheap office space? Decisions, decisions…

I could always work from one of the many local coffee shops in the village, the only problem is the coffee and occasional cake bill will become a little expensive.

There is another way; a route that requires the help of someone amazing, someone with great insight and vision – a person who is able to understand brilliance, creative vision and delivery – someone who is looking to save – sorry, recruit a freelancer who needs a place to work – who needs a new client.

Know of anyone?

If yes, then you can make a real difference. You could save a freelancer from a broken iPhone, a broken car – even being locked in a shed.

Call 07588 749409 or email: hellotalktojason@gmail.com and make a real difference.