Launched on 20th April 2011 and still walking the talk

‘New traditional and digital freelance services launched’

Former pr director , Jason Kelly, launches own brand relations, public relations and social media freelance consultancy. Called ‘…talktojason’ (tTj), the new Yorkshire-based consultancy will have a heavy focus on ‘ideas innovation’ across traditional, digital and social media channels.

“The creative industry is full of agencies looking for extra resource to support client accounts or new campaign wins. My a freelance consultancy service will have an emphasis on brand relations, public relations and social relations, with services including crisis and issues planning, brand architecturemedia relations and blogger outreach being offered to business, consumer and third-sector clients.” Stated Jason.

Jason’s freelance services have already helped him secure client wins, covering a cross-section of agency clients and brand owners.

Jason also believes the success of …tTj will be down to his associations with other creative agencies; with a number of relationships already being established with some of the region’s best performing and best known agencies.

if you are an agency or a brand owner, and you are looking for freelance support then …talktojason