Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to be having too much fun employing and working with over twenty strategically selected bloggers to help impact on an upcoming campaign?

The campaign is geared towards helping my client, Pro-tect, establish brand recognition for it’s new home alarm system called HomeAlert.

At this point I would try to pimp the product, but give it a month and just Google it *smiling*

I know what you might be thinking, home alarms! How can that be fun? And I guess you could be forgiven for thinking that. But it’s a consumer-facing campaign so there has to be an engaging approach to capture the attention of the target audience.

The campaign splits into two platforms, traditional and digital – both working side-by-side, supporting the other to generate pre-agreed objectives – increased PageRank and greater brand recognition. Plus, I’m working on a tight budget so the focus has to be on creative thinking.

I work with a lot with bloggers, not just any bloggers you understand, but carefully selected writers to ensure maximum ‘positive’ campaign results. And every one of them has a prominent reach within their audience sectors. Plus, who says work has to be dull? Surely it must help if you enjoy what you do. Especially if what you do works well.

The one thing I really enjoy about blogger outreach campaigns is the people you get to interact with. They say no two people are truly alike, and they’re right. Thankfully however, this is the crucial element when working with bloggers; each one needs to offer something different, especially if your client’s products benefit a diverse social economic group. So your pre-selection checklist has to be right in order to work with the relevant bloggers. Otherwise it’s a wet finger in the air strategy.

So, is it wrong to have fun when you’re working?