Spanish and Germans driving into York by the SEAT of their pants

The new Xperience from SEAT. Click on image to go to original source

Soon York will be experiencing another invasion, but this time it won’t be by the Romans. Instead it will be by the Spanish and Germans in the form of the new Leon Xperience by SEAT.


Best known for its history and its character, York attracts tourists, artists, and street performers from around the world so the city’s artistic fair will compliment the Leon Xperience perfectly. As well as the millions of tourists who visit the city of York each year, families also look to settle in the area, which makes it ideal for SEAT to introduce the Leon Xperience.


And like York, SEAT, or to be more precise, the Leon Xperience has character in abundance, offering automotive fair, drive ability and design mixed nicely with practicality.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, why is he typing about York when he lives in Leeds, and is he creeping to SEAT to get a free car? The answer, which by the way is shorter than the SEO-friendly introduction is because a creative agency has asked me to help them win the digital account, along with providing a traditional medial relations element in support.

See, I told the answer was shorter than the intro.



Oh, and if you work for SEAT and are reading this, then I would love a new SEAT ;)