Which is your brand – #strongerin or #leaveEU ?

I think it’s fair to say that the #euref campaign has officially got underway, with some big political, business and celebrity endorsements already being declared.

So far the declaration trending online at the moment is @Borisjohnson (@MayorofLondon) choice to support the @LeaveEUOfficial, whilst @David_Cameron sides with the @StrongerIn campaign.
After a little desk research it seems that the #leaveEU campaign is winning, in terms of follower numbers. However, this doesn’t indicate that the #leaveUK campaign is being successful. All that it shows is the #leaveEU campaign is currently reaching a greater audience then the #UKinEU campaign and that some people have already made up their minds. Plus, a percentage of followers could be following to track conversations, as well as being non-UK citizens. When it comes to brand reach quality wins over quantity

Another online search also showned there are more platforms in support of #leaveEU than there are for #strongerin. Although this may change over the coming days and weeks.

euref graph 220216

@leaveEUOfficial               64.5k
@Betteroffout                       25.7k
@StrongerIn                            13.5k

If you look at the #euref as a branding programme, than depending on which demographic you are targeting would depend on how each campaign can be measured so far. For example, if you want @Nigel_Farage as a brand ambassador, and you view the follower numbers as a guide to measure your brand’s reach and position, then yes, you could say that the #leaveEU is positioning itself in a more dominant position. This however would be a wrong way to understand a brands position as there are a number of factors and data that need to be considered and analysed before you can begin to understand a brands true position.

As there are no limits on how many groups can register for the #euref so i think this is going to be an exciting campaign in terms of strategy and tactical delivery; not only in Britain’s history, but also on how future branding strategies could evolve.

If you are interested in following online conversations surrounding the referendum, then here are the most popular hashtags terms to help you.