B2B’s biggest battle: How Amazon and Alibaba are revolutionising B2B commerce

I came across this article in @TheDrum that looked at online marketplaces, in particular Alibaba and Amazon, and how both online giants are proving central to the future of B2B commerce, with each one dominating their own areas, or back yards as The Drum put it.

The article also explored an interesting point, which is,  what will happen when they go head-to-head in new markets? With India being predicted as the place where the two online giants will go head-on.

amazon alibaba take over online sales

The article stated by 2020, global online business-to-business retail sales will be more than double that of consumer retail, according to growth experts Frost & Sullivan, accounting for $6.7tn of revenue. At the heart of this surge to online purchasing are marketplaces, such as Amazon and Alibaba, which are creating a new era of many shopping opportunities for the B2B market.

One thing is for sure, the progression of b2b online sales will help shape both b2c and b2b retailing in terms of logistical processes, consumer insight and consumer engagement, and ultimately, the brand that wins in these three areas is the one that will come out on top and set the bar on how online trading is done.

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