Happy Mother’s Day from Hotel Chocolat

Every now and then, mostly on a Friday, we search out blogs that catch our attention. There is no criteria as such, although reach and content are two considerations we look at. Basically, reading blogs and the news feeds our imagination. Plus it helps us to enjoy our coffee and pastries so much more on a Friday morning.

This Friday we came across a blog from a very well established blogger, @mostlyyummy – a wordsmith with a talent to articulate brand messaging in a clear, creative and positive way. Plus it doesn’t hurt to feature bloggers that work with us and brands that we know and love.

The blog caught our attention because of its styling and its content. Plus,  we have to confess, it’s all about chocolate, or in this case Hotel Chocolat.

Source: MostlyYummy. Click image to read full blog

It also referenced Mother’s Day (Sunday 6th March;), a topic which is trending at the moment.

So, happy Friday, have a great weekend – don’t forget to celebrate Mother’s Day and a huge thank you to @MostlyYummy for a great read.