Baking bread? painting? Climbing mountains? What charges your batteries?

When you spend the entire working week focused on client campaigns you need to find the time to recharge your creative grey matter so you can stay on top form.Dow Crag coniston talktojason Leeds public relations and communications creative

A lot of my friends in
the marketing industry find different ways to recharge, with interests ranging from painting, cycling and baking bread. I however, prefer to go climbing in the mountains. In fact one of my simplest, but most effective online campaigns for a leading supermarket came to me while I was enjoying the vistas 3,000ft up a mountain. If not climbing, then I can often be found working on building projects, re-living my early years as an apprentice carpenter, although over the past year or so I’ve taken up carving, with many of my ‘masterpieces’ being sold at country shows and farmers’ markets

Its amazing how quickly you can become really good at something when you put your heart and soul into it.

The one thing I have come to understand is that whatever you do to recharge your creative batteries it needs to capture your excitement and challenge you. Plus, I find widening my interests and challenging my skill set enables me to look at campaign strategies from different perspectives, which in turn helps me to support my clients’ objectives.

Jason Kelly, Owner of BrandRelationsTTJ and partner at  The Expose Agency