Case Study: Tangerine Confectionary

The sector: Consumer

The industry: Sweets

The Challenge: Come up with campaign ideas for the sweet range under the Tangerine Confectionary brand; manage execution and delivery with the incumbent digital, advertising and public relations agencies to generate online consumer engagement, increase brand exposure and recruit customers.

The Plan: Working with prominent lifestyle and parenting bloggers and online social influencers a social relations campaign was launched to get people generating online conversations about the sweets from yesterday – from their childhood.


Using social channels feedback was obtained to find out the most popular sweets and a prominent sweet historian was brought in to provide historical references. These references were used to generate an infographic produced by another agency; all this information was then feed through social and offline and online media channels. A number of prominent bloggers were also used to help support the overall campaign.

The Result: Throughout the campaign sufficient media and social coverage was achieved that resulted in increased page rank and click throughs to the client’s web page. The campaign also supported the brand manager’s relationships with trade buyers.


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